Tinika Tilton 

As a single mother of three beautiful daughters, Tinika completely understands what going at life’s journey alone as the mother bear with her cubs.

Tinika began her professional career in 1993 keeping business owners organized in administrative roles. She chooses to be a hard working and an honest example to her children. 

Although life has thrown her lemons she keeps making lemonade. 

Tinika is a team player that belongs to support groups for moms health and personal finance.

Her passion for financial success continues to be fueled as she became a client of A Whole New Me due to credit issues and challenges of being a single mom. 

She takes that passion for the new info that she has learned everywhere because she doesn’t want other moms to suffer the things that she has. 

Tinika made herself available to join A Whole New Me as a team play to better herself and to help get more people’s lifestyles stronger and more enjoyable as she to is improving her health, financial literacy and improved credit rating.

Her mission is to help moms with Homeownership dreams.