Eric Lamar 

His testimony is one of self-sabotage to self-sufficient, resulting is a whole new him; Eric Lamar is the founder of A Whole New Me: Lifestyle Transformation, and now proudly doubling as the host of his radio show carrying A Whole New Me: Lifestyle Transformation to the air wavs.

Eric’s credentials within the financial industry have preceded him since 1997. For two decades, he’s contributed to his community with direction and guidance in financial services and financial planning. Even experiencing pitfall depths, loosing 150K in business revenue and not being able to save it due to poor credit, he’s reinvented himself for financial withstanding against anything that comes his way.

Not only has Eric overcome his financial setbacks, he’s overcome a frightening, life-ending lifestyle of negative habits—from his diet & weight to personal & professional relationships. Eric stepped back one day and realized he had transformed his entire self, he was a whole new him. This personal transformation sparked his program, “A Whole New Me.”

With new bragging rights: dropping 75lbs, a new credit score of 803 from 454, and release from undesirable relationships—Eric is leading others on their very own self-transformation journey as the Authentic Architect. Leading the way as the Authentic Architect, Eric is releasing his secrets to wealth and health success, building an empire to embrace and support those seeking to live the life of their dreams—which he believes everyone deserves. His program focuses on optimal health & weight release, credit repair and restoration, financial education, business development, and relationship preservation.